[nycbug-talk] Hardware Whereto

PUTAMARE jeffknight
Tue Apr 13 16:15:59 EDT 2004

On Apr 13, 2004, at 3:02 PM, Kit Halsted wrote:
> Also M/R to Prospect Ave., but it's a hike from the train either way. 
> That box of Cat-5 is gonna get heavy; forget about getting traditional 
> Home Depot stuff without a car.

You can accomplish a lot with a hand cart & a subway (even more with an 
intern to torture). Just don't do it during peak hours. Also, I believe 
the HD in Long Island Ctiy on Northern Blvd. is closer to a train 
station, I've hauled quite a bit of crap from there & I'm not exactly a 
big guy. I just can't remember off hand which station you get out at 
(46th St. GRV maybe?).

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