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Jeronimo Romero jromero
Tue Apr 13 23:26:49 EDT 2004

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Hi all,

So I was thinking, of starting a long-running thread here (hopefully).

Basically, I was just now wondering where the best place to buy a big 
box of cat-5 would be, and realized I had no clue, and thought I'd ask 
the list- but wait-

My thought got bigger, as I figure most folks buy tech over the net, 
like I do, so the smaller independent computer component shops really 
don't seem that prevalent- but- I'm not wanting to pay shipping on a 
few hundred feet of ethernet.

What do other NYCBUG folks do?  Where, in NYC, do folks get stuff, if 
at all?  Where to get a proper 4-post 48u rack?  Where in the city to 
get harddrives and other commodity items?  Are the megastores all there 

To this thread, please recommend your trusted local spots for goods, 
big and small.
I'll start with the next post...


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well. Obviously its better to order over the internet.
 But there's a store in midtown that sells network cables, cisco console
cables, scsi adapters, rack components... etc. It always gets me out of
a jam at 10:30pm in the middle of a server migration when I realize I
forgot to order slide rails for my client's server or a v.35 adapter for
some CSU/DSU. The store is called Chips and Tech and it's located on
39th Street between 5th and 6th. Ask for Mohamed. 

For plain CAT 5 needs, however, there's nothing like Home Depot :)

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