[nycbug-talk] Survey for upcoming 'Hacking iBook'

G. Rosamond george
Tue Apr 20 22:12:28 EDT 2004

>> Sunny, why don't you explain why so many Linux people are so 
>> anti-Apple?
>> Although I know most of the answers. . .
> From what I can tell..
>They don't want to spend, or can't afford, the premium for pretty 

It is substantially cheaper to go i386.  and who needs good looking

>boxes.  I.e., they'd rather spend a week recompiling kernels and 
>fiddling with X11 settings so that it runs on the toaster.

Nothing wrong with that. . .kernel hacking is something Apple people
don't get enough of. . .

>It doesn't align with the GPL (Grossly Political License).  If you 
>didn't notice, Apple refuses to distribute GPL'ed software with 
>mainline OS X (though OS X Server and Developer Tools have GPL 
>software).  It's funny that the only GPL'ed software that people 
>actually miss is readline.
>They can't dual-boot, Wine, VMWare, etc. to run the latest build of 
>Windows XP to play their precious games :)

that attraction is also understood.


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