[nycbug-talk] RE: [Announce-nycbug] May & June meeting locations

G. Rosamond george
Wed Apr 21 11:15:59 EDT 2004


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>G. Rosamond wrote:
>>We're very happy to announce that our May 5th and June 2nd 
>meetings will
>>be take place at Tekserve, at 119 W 23rd street, right across from our
>>former meeting location.
>>The time may change for the meeting, but we'll keep you posted.
>>May 5th meeting is about BSD Consulting
>>June 2nd meeting is about Hacking your iBook
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>george does it again!  thanks again george!

it's all Tekserve. . .thanks to *them*. . .

The BSD's don't have the corporate support that Linux does. . .we don't
have an IBM to defend us against a SCO.  Heck, if we did, *we* could be
suing SCO for even mentioning our name.

We do, however, have a number of vendors, including Tekserve, Apple, ORA
and the publishers, not to mention BSD Mall/DN, that have continually
given us critical support.


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