[nycbug-talk] Problem with Hostnames

Scott Robbins scottro
Sat Apr 24 23:23:05 EDT 2004

On Sat, Apr 24, 2004 at 10:31:32PM -0400, Tilly wrote:
> Hey
> Thanks scoot. I got it to work. I didnt read the last part of your message
> after the defaultrouter statement you made. Sorry for the incovience i may
> have caused.

See, yet another reason you shouldn't top post.  :)  This way, you get
to see all my pearls of wisdom, not to mention the random Buffy quote.

Although Outlook Express, which I see you're using, does do top posting
by default, there is a way to change it in the settings somewhere.  On
most *nix lists, it's considered best to do inline posting, that is,
reply to point A after point A, point B after point B.  (I ~think~
there's a way to change that, but as I don't use it, I'm not sure)

I'm only presuming to lecture because I got lucky enough to guess your
problem.    :)

[1] Which has (modest cough) become an ArchLinux fortune module.
[2] Yes, I admit I need a life, but it began as a shell scripting


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