[nycbug-talk] Holiday Party

Kevin Reiter tux
Wed Dec 8 10:13:52 EST 2004

: Since when did people from big firms become intelligent ?  I can think of lots 
: of hopelessly stupid-beyond-belief people working at big companies/firms/etc.  
: And with the same token I can think of lots of very intelligent people 
: working at small firms/SMB's/etc.
: Most of the folks of NYCBUG aren't from big firms, yet I could easily hold 
: them to a higher light than some mindless sysadmin from a Wall St. corp.
: Its not a question of being anti-large corporations.  Rather its about setting 
: the right tone for this party, keeping things in perspective, and not 
: engaging in meaningless amounts of professionalism.
: Sunny Dubey
: (a very small fish, and proud of it)

Well said.
(an even smaller fish, and damn proud of it)

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