[nycbug-talk] Easy to learn/use IMAP?

pete wright pete
Thu Dec 9 12:53:40 EST 2004

Francisco Reyes wrote:

> On Thu, 9 Dec 2004, Pete Wright wrote:
>> I run postfix+courier IMAP (with ssl support)+squirrelMail+freebsd.  it
>> run great, is well documented and very stable.
> Thanks.
> What advantage if any does Cyrux has over Courier?
> From reading last night it seems Cyrux you don't have to create a user 
> for each mail account. Is Courier the same?

according to this link:

you can use a SQL backend (as well as LDAP) for authentication for 
courier, which i assume is also possible for cyrux.

here is a howto i found as well that should give you the general idea of 
it's capabilities:



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