[nycbug-talk] CELL/Telemarketers - Warning?!

G T unixenigma
Sat Dec 11 19:13:41 EST 2004

This is just a thought to consider... or a warning.
This is what I got from a friend of mine. I read about it in few articles in newspapers
prior his e-mail:
"Starting Jan 1, 2005, all cell phone numbers will be made public to 
telemarketing firms. So this means as of Jan 1, your cell phone may start 
ringing off the hook with telemarketers, but unlike your home phone, most 
plans pay for your incoming calls. These telemarketers will eat up your 
free minutes and end up costing money. According to the National Do Not 
Call List, you have until Dec 15, 2004 to get on the national "Do Not Call 
List" for cell phones. You can either call 1-888-382-1222 from the cell 
phone that you wish to have put on the "do not call list" or you can do it 
online at www.donotcall.gov . 

Registering only takes a minute, but is in effect for 5 years. Register 
before Dec 15."
I did add all my numbers long time ago in april - cause got tired of these calls.
Even put cell numbers (never got any telemarketers calls though anyway), but 
my home numbers stopped ringing with annoying telemarketers. :)
Anyway I called Verizon (my cell company), they assured me that nothing will be done like
that due to some laws of cell privacy or something.  That is great, but at the same time this is
what I found as well:
"  Soon, however, some of the privacy that cell phones provide may be eroded. Six national wireless companies (AllTel, AT&T Wireless, Cingular, Nextel, Sprint PCS, and T-Mobile) have banded together and hired Qsent, Inc. to produce a Wireless 411 service. Their goal is to pool their listings to create a comprehensive directory of cell phone customer names and phone numbers that would be made available to directory assistance providers. (In most places, telephone users can call directory assistance at 411 [for local numbers] or by dialing an area code plus 555-1212 [for out-of-area numbers] and, by providing enough information to identify an individual phone customer [usually a full name and city of residence], obtain that customer's phone number. "
Customers do disagree with all of this crap, but who listen to them, right...
Anyway, just wanted you to be ready, and check with your cell providers.
Thanks for checking it out.

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