[nycbug-talk] sftp clients

Okan Demirmen okan
Sun Dec 12 22:10:23 EST 2004

On Sun 2004.12.12 at 22:04 -0500, G. Rosamond wrote:
> Any recommendations on Win32 gui clients for sftp.

i have core ftp lite installed on my girlfriend's pc for access to
my openbsd's sftp/scp subsystem - she has yet to complain - in fact,
i've moved her from ftp to sftp/scp without her noticing ;)


> Also. . . all ftp clients I have tried so far hang after passwd is 
> entered.  Have tried CuteFTP, ftp95Pro.  From a command prompt on 
> Win32, no problems. . .
> FBSD server gets an error in /var/log/auth.log of "Did not receive 
> identification string from x.x.x.x"
> Anyone?
> g
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