[nycbug-talk] A new list on BSD Certification

G. Rosamond george
Sat Dec 18 13:16:51 EST 2004

We've created a new list, the third for the week, for BSD 

There's been ongoing discussion on this list and off list about the 
topic of BSD Certification.  We have a number of people beyond NYC*BUG 
talk who are interested, and hopefully it can become the central 
repository for the topic.

Dru has been the lead on this, and besides her usual impressive 
credentials, she's also a technology instructor.

We will setup a wiki at some point to accompany the list, as it truly 
is an endeavor that requires the accumulation of lists, contacts, 
curriculm, possible sponsors, etc.

For those interested:

http://lists.nycbug.org to subscribe.


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