[nycbug-talk] [OT] bsdjobs

Matt Juszczak matt
Sun Dec 19 15:37:55 EST 2004

Hey all,

As I mentioned at the party to some people, I'm currently working on a 
site (bsdjobs.net) that will be a 100% free, public, open, etc. bsdjobs 
site for posting and viewing.  Who knows what will happen with it, but I'd 
still like to try it considering a lot of my fellow co workers have had 
people recently wanting BSD work and never know "where to go" (according 
to them).  When I asked a guy at an ISP in Atlantic City, NJ about his 
interest in switching to BSD, he said he hasn't done it yet because its 
hard to find someone to support it.  He says that if something goes down 
in the middle of the day, he would have no idea who to call to ask for 

So anyway, if anyone thinks its a ridiculous idea, let me know.  I know 
other sites like it exist out there, but I figure its a good name, so why 
not try it.  If anyone wants to help, let me know.  I dont mind setting it 
up in some kind of CMS or giving out the user/pass for the sftp account to 
anyone who wants to assist.  The web design is from OSWD, and I'm looking 
on getting an image made for the top part.

Anyway, enough rambling for now.  Sorry if I'm too OT.


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