[nycbug-talk] Another Live CD (fwd)

G. Rosamond george
Wed Dec 22 22:09:45 EST 2004

On Dec 22, 2004, at 9:09 PM, Dru wrote:

> This just got posted to another list I'm on:
> http://www.livebsd.com/
> Based on Freesbie, full KDE install.

A la Knoppix.  Cool. (if you like KDE ;-)

I think projects like this are hugely beneficial.  I know that m0n0wall 
really caught Mike's attention.  IPCop, based on Linux is awesome, but 
it's truly the BSD firewalls that set the tone.

May this proliferation of BSD CDs continue.  I know I keep several in 
my bag, not to mention g4u.


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