[nycbug-talk] Multi OS setups

Scott Robbins scottro
Mon Dec 27 15:50:50 EST 2004

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On Mon, Dec 27, 2004 at 02:46:07PM -0500, Francisco Reyes wrote:
> On Mon, 27 Dec 2004, Scott Robbins wrote:
> >I use Grub on one of the Linuxes (Linii?).
> Would this be better than the FreeBSD boot loader? If so why?

Yes.  Because I said so.  <snicker>

Seriously, Grub is far easier to configure and, more importantly in a
case like this, to reconfigure.    There is also a bootloader called GAG
which some folks prefer.  I prefer Grub because if I put in one
distribution, it's the only bootloader that I have to install.  If you
use GAG, you have to install grub on the root partition of each Linux
you use.

> >What Marc says about losing data is of course a risk
> I plan to install all the "real OSs" before I put any data.
> Since I plan to use a dedicated drive to play around I hope that will 
> minimize the risks of loosing data. Plan to backup anyways, just in case.

Never hurts--of course, it's just when you get cocky that you say,
"Hrrm, I can skip the backup this time" and we all know what happens
~that~ time.  :)

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