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Mikel King mikel.king
Wed Jan 5 21:41:48 EST 2005

  *C3 EXPO 2005 Call For Papers*
Deadline: January 25, 2005

c3 = (Corporate & Channel, Computing)

In any event somehow I am on their mailing list and normally I wouldn't 
care. But as I was half heartedly skimming the message; I had this 
thought because one of the Seminar Topic Headings is 'OPEN SOURCE 
COMPUTING' And well I thought that maybe some of us could pool our 
collective knowledge and write a kick ass seminar or two (yeah I know 
it's short notice but we do have until Jan 25) and if we are lucky get 
selected to present it? I mean this could be a really good photo op for 
the BSD world.

So if anyone is interested contact me off list, and we'll tqm some ideas.


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