[nycbug-talk] 1U Server Recommendations

Charles Sprickman spork
Tue Jan 11 19:45:23 EST 2005


In the past one of the guys I've worked with has been pretty happy with 
the boxed supermicro servers.  They're basically a SM server board in a 
pretty decent chassis, so we order that, processors, memory, ZCR card and 

However I'm a bit intrigued by all the new AMD 64-bit stuff.  Since the 
next box will be doing a fair amount of Postgres work, that might be 
helpful if only by allowing more RAM.  Also looking at the prices on Xeon 
chips, AMD looks like a steal.

Supermicro doesn't offer any AMD stuff, so I'm looking for some general 
recommendations.  We don't want any homemade beige-box stuff nor do we 
want to pay a premium for someone else to put together some "it may work 
with FreeBSD" beige-box stuff. :)

Suggestions?  Our budget is OK, but not huge.  We're frugal but not dumb.



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