[nycbug-talk] generating keys with filezilla, winscp and putty

Daniel Krook krook
Wed Jan 12 11:46:04 EST 2005

> Can anyone provide to links documentation on how users can generate
> dsa key pairs with any (and all) of filezilla, winscp and putty?

You'll need at least the following four tools from the PuTTY download 
page, PuTTY, Pageant, Plink, and PuTTYgen:

PuTTYgen is the key generation tool.
Plink is the command line engine behind the PuTTY interface for SSH.
Pageant manages your keys on the client.

The docs page has most of the detailed set up information:

Section III of this guide may or may not be helpful as a summary of the 
steps involved.

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