[nycbug-talk] lame...real lame Andy

Bob Ippolito bob
Wed Jan 12 16:08:20 EST 2005

On Jan 12, 2005, at 15:19, pete wright wrote:

> heh well you say that like sharing is a bad thing....what bothers me 
> about RMS and the GPL is that it infact ends up *reducing* the amount 
> of freedom and individual has by using the GPL (shamelessly taken from 
> a rant Theo).

Yeah.  I'm a GPL-hater too.  As a software developer, GPL just adds 
hassle.  Licenses that impose fewer restrictions give me more 
flexibility.  If I want to (or have time to, or am allowed to) share 
something, I will, and I often do.  I don't need an idealist license to 
force me to share, though I suppose that may be the case for some 

The GPL actually makes me much less likely to share.  If it's GPL, I 
probably won't contribute to it or even use it unless I absolutely have 
no other option.


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