[nycbug-talk] stability question

Francisco Reyes lists
Mon Jan 17 16:10:52 EST 2005

On Thu, 13 Jan 2005, steve wrote:

> in your opinion if 5.3 stable enough to be used as a production server of

What will it be doing?
What load?

> should one stick to 1.10

The servers I manage are very low traffic/load.. and I have been moving 
them to 5.3.. BUT depending on your scenario the advise may change.

If you tell more of your plans others can probably give better advise.

I think either 4.X Stable or 5.X Stable are good choices, however I find 
that given the difference in them that the sooner one starts to use 5.X 
the better.. but that's just me..

By difference I mean minute details like configuration files, etc.. It 
didn't take me long when moved to 5.3 to find what I needed, but it was 
different from the 4.x.. example.. Some ports now require that you put a 
flag in /etc/rc.conf.. that little detail could send you on a 15 to 30 
minute trip down the google lane.. while you discover that you should have 
looked at /usr/ports/UPGRADES. :-)... which is also new to 5.X

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