[nycbug-talk] Check out new minimac :)

Isaac Levy ike
Wed Jan 19 08:31:19 EST 2005

Regurgitating this for the Record on this thread,

On Jan 13, 2005, at 9:23 PM, Isaac Levy wrote:

> Yeah- on that note actually, I was looking at the RAM prices for it-  
> 1gb stick seems WAY the heck overpriced from Apple- I'm wondering if  
> 3rd party ram is kosher and available for the little rig?
> (i.e. add 1gb from apple, +$425 whereas pricewatch gets the same specs  
> ram for around $95 - BIG difference...)
> I'd assume that a stick of 'PC2700 (333MHz) DDR SRAM' simply is what  
> it is... quality is always an issue though, but(?)...

Thanks slasdhdot for posting links to 'cracking open a Mac mini safely'  
(remember, it DOES void AppleCare):


The links from the article, for the record:

700kb Quicktime How-To movie:


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