[nycbug-talk] soho router options (soekris?)

Isaac Levy ike
Wed Jan 19 11:09:26 EST 2005

Wordup All,

So I REALLY dig the idea of a NYC*BUG distributed SoHo router image,

On Jan 19, 2005, at 11:02 AM, G. Rosamond wrote:

> Sure.  But the point of NYC*BUG, to me at least, should be to pool 
> some of our skills and resources so we can do things like run a 
> Soekris box without having to start from square one.
> sysadmins<->devs
> newusers<->old hacks
> The idea would be to make it easier for those who *do* want to run 
> Soekris as a firewall at home without too much effort.
> I'd envision this:
> You download and copy to your CF card.
> Plug it in.
> Use it.
> all images would include:
> standard dhcp range from .150-.200
> the particular isps dns servers, ppoe, dhcp, whatever.
> dmz ips pre-assigned even if unused covering www, mail, dns.
> standard pf rules for the three interfaces.
> G

After investigating more yesterday, it's REALLY noteworthy to check out 
how the m0n0wall folks distribute install media- really 
straightforeword.  I'd love to see this go in that direction, but 
OpenBSD/PF based, and perhaps not *soo* focused on a html gui- (but 
that could be a cool side-project for later!)

Shall we rock this?


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