[nycbug-talk] Re: request for feedback

a nice bug nycbug
Fri Jan 21 11:03:03 EST 2005

> hi all, i respect your opinions, well most of you anyways, and would 
> like to know if you can take a look at www.n2sw.com/phpinfo.php. i am 
> looking for feedback as to how i compiled php with various components. 

I'll venture a couple of comments

- You've a lot of stuff in there - I know that took a while to
figure out!

- looks like you used IMAP 2004a but the phpinfo app reports
  c-client version 2000 .. wonder if that's just a confusion or if
at compile time an earlier c-client was found and used?

- some apps using xml are going to want xml-dom (and maybe xslt) support;
  it's good to include them if you've gone this far..

- looks like your mod_perl is statically built - that's good

- you might include --with-mime-magic into the PHP build


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