[nycbug-talk] net cam

marco at metm.org marco
Sat Jan 22 11:53:31 EST 2005

On Sat, Jan 22, 2005 at 08:37:51AM -0500, Isaac Levy wrote:
>"The included Windows-based IPView Lite software provides even more 
>features, allowing you to archive streaming video straight to your hard 
>drive, monitor up to 4 cameras on a single screen, rotate camera views, 
>enable motion detection, and update the firmware on your DCS-900W 
>Internet Camera."
There are are freesoftware projects attempting to do these types of
things notedly motion :


- developed for linux but has a freebsd developer 
- can handle these web based cameras 
  (recommends axis cameras: http://www.axis.com ), 
- allows you to record to disk only the images in which motion has occured, 
- can log to a database etc. 
- and can do more funky image analysis type stuff:


Haven't really used it but played around with it and firewire cameras
last year.


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