Re: [nycbug-talk] apache stability

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Sun Jan 23 08:04:01 EST 2005

On Sat, 22 Jan 2005 22:55:37 -0500
"steve" <steve at> wrote:

> In your opinion is apache2 ready for production use, am looking at a 
> setup that includes php, perl, and ssl. 

As already stated, people run both for different reasons.  I tried 2 a
while back but had problems with PHP.  I have not re-tried in over a
year, so things may have changed.  1.3 is rock solid and tested, and
has been scrutinized by the security conscience for a long time.   If
it is OpenBSD you will run 1.3.  

There is a NYCBUG article about setting up web services that might be

Steve, this Apache question and the prior phpinfo question may be better
answered by an AMP group... like NYPHP.ORG.  They have active mailing
lists.  Some of the guys are pretty bright, right Hans? <grin>


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