[nycbug-talk] Samba and Mac OS X problem

Kevin Reiter tux
Tue Jan 25 11:10:23 EST 2005

: When I try to mount cross on the Mac, it asks for authentication, I type
: in the cross user name and NT domain password.  It then just asks for
: reauthentication and won't mount the share.  When I do this with the
: smiths folder (cross is a member of smiths) it mounts without trouble.
: What stupid thing am I missing here?  I have the feeling it's one of
: those things where I have looked at it so long I'm overlooking something
: obvious.

Have you added that user as a Samba user on the BSD box? (smbpasswd -a user)  I've
run into that same thing on a Windows network and curse myself for not remembering
to do that step.  Don't know if that'll work (if that's the issue) but it's what I
always trip over..


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