[nycbug-talk] Books left at Denizen

Jim O'Reilly joreilly
Sun Mar 6 09:45:45 EST 2005

When I left Denizen's, to which NYCBUGers had repaired after last 
Wednesday's meeting, I left behind the bag and book I had gotten at the 
meeting.  I called the bar and the bartender found the bag and book.  
When I came to the bar on Friday night to collect them, there were 3 
more books which had also been left in the back room.  Assuming that 
NYCBUG will go there after next month's meeting, I left them there with 
a note to hold them for NYCBUG and to phone me at (718)499-7470 if they 
had any questions.  The bartender said they would keep the books and 
that anyone from NYCBUG could pick  them up, either after the next 
meeting, or in the meantime.  The books were:

Competition in the Global Productivity Race, by Edward Yourdon

PHP-NUKE Garage, by Don Jones

Java Application Development on Linux, by Carl Albing & Michael Schwartz

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