[nycbug-talk] Fwd: Adaptec AAC raid support

Isaac Levy ike
Mon Mar 21 14:40:46 EST 2005

Wordup George, All,

On Mar 21, 2005, at 1:49 PM, G. Rosamond wrote:

>> [snip OpenBSD Adapted RAID saga]


>> IMHO: Go Theo.  Walking the walk aint' easy, glad someone's tough in 
>> Open Source.
> It seems a bit more complicated than that though. . .
> First, it is clear that the Adaptec debate has built more walls 
> between OpenBSD and FreeBSD.  That is why I would hold off on cheering 
> for either Scott Long of FreeBSD and Theo of OpenBSD.  Negative 
> divisions, as opposed to different focuses and directions, is *not* 
> good by any means.

Ahh.  I wasn't aware that this issue built any walls- (?)

The FreeBSD support for Adaptec stuff is in the end, not so exiting.  
The aac driver feels solid, (I have 2 sata cards in FreeBSD production 
now), but the mgmt. utils are a bit wonkie- it would be REALLY GREAT 
imo to have drivers available which are solidly written from the ground 
up, to work with various built-in disk utilities (i.e. atacontrol vs. 
the aaccli wonkie stuff I'm using now...)-

As a FreeBSD user and general advocate, I'm all for Theo on this one- 
and don't understand why anyone would argue with him?  I mean, it's not 
like Theo is sticking the FreeBSD name on his intense stance?  If the 
OpenBSD teams do it, I don't see how it wouldn't benefit the FreeBSD 
side down the road a bit...  (but I'm not a driver developer, so I 
could be missing something fundamental here).  All I know is I'd rather 
use cleaner mgmt. tools for Adaptec stuff in user space.

Or am I missing something?  (A real possibility with me these days...)

/me checks pricewatch for Promise sata card prices/specs...


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