[nycbug-talk] embedded firewall

michael lists
Mon Mar 28 10:14:06 EST 2005

I was trying out yet-another-firewall on my Soekris this weekend.  I
loaded m0n0wall and liked what I saw.  Because I did not compile and
install the components myself, it is a little uncomfortable.  But I
found it simple and easy.  The web interface was very well done.  

While I was googling for something related to that, I came across a
similar project:

pfSense  http://pfsense.org/

It is similar, but self-admittedly, different from m0n0wall.  If you
read the site, they take great pains to compliment them, it is
just that the project goals differ.  It looks pretty cool: pf, CARP,
NTOP, ALTQ, ssh.  

It states it is alpha-alpha, but, has anyone loaded it up?



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