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Mikel King mikel.king
Tue Mar 29 20:04:56 EST 2005

Charles Sprickman wrote:

> Hey all,
> This is a bit OT, but I'm thinking there's a decent audience of people 
> here who might have some good input on this...
> The building that one of my clients is in right now has been sold and 
> will be going residential.  This is a pain, as it involves moving 
> servers and whatnot, but on the bright side, the current building is a 
> bandwidth ghetto.
> Any suggestions for space in Manhattan that's somewhat reasonable and 
> is in a building that's fairly well-wired and on-net with most 
> carriers? Bonus points if there's UPS/Generator power and other 
> amenities that would make pulling in a dozen or so cabinets less of an 
> endeavour (ie: "no, we can't give you enough power" or "no, we don't 
> have enough A/C capacity for you", or "yeah, we can pull that fiber to 
> the next floor but it will cost you $1000/month")...
> They would entertain anything that's somewhat near $25/square foot 
> depending on how friendly it is to tech business.
> Thanks!
> Charles

Well this is generally a tough one, because for your $:sqr ft ratio it 
isn't going to happen anywhere in Manhattan, I mean not for the above 
mentioned amenities. You'd be better off dropping your rackable gear 
into a nice colo like 111 eighth ave, where you'll have you genset 
backup, huge amounts of bandwidth from every major and several minor 
carriers and oodles of ac too boot. Then you'll be able to rent yourself 
a nice dirt cheap flat somewhere else that suits your fancy.

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