[nycbug-talk] Some thoughts...

Aleksandar Kacanski kacanski_s
Thu Mar 31 10:25:38 EST 2005

I just recently joined. I would like to know when is
the next meeting and how often do we get informed
regarding meetings and presentations?
I consult for academia and industry. Currently I am
working and teaching at CUNY.
I am setting up a network and bunch of labs for the
transitional high school, part of the project financed
by several research foundations.
I am using FreeBSD implementations for FW's (m0n0wall)
and core services like DNS,SMTP,NTP,SNMP ...ghosting
backup and recovery ... 
As usual I am trying to get buy in from faculty and
staff on droping exchange and domain controllers, DNS
and MS-LDAP for some collaborative environment.
I am looking into two products, opengroupware and
Anyone had any experience with these two products in
BSD/Linux environments ... - 



Aleksandar (Sasha) Kacanski

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