[nycbug-talk] FBSD 6.0?

csnyder chsnyder
Mon Nov 7 20:32:42 EST 2005

On 11/7/05, Francisco Reyes <lists at natserv.com> wrote:
> > I haven't had any problems either... though I have seen some problems with
> > Python and threads on FreeBSD.  I'm awfully sure that the curses client
> > doesn't use any, though.
> Ok..maybe I was using the graphical version. Will try again.

Every time I try to use BitTorrent on Verizon DSL, ping times jump
from ~300ms to ~3500ms. Like clockwork. Anybody else have this
problem? A known issue? I don't remember anything in the TOS about not
using BT...

Chris Snyder

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