[nycbug-talk] FBSD 6.0?

Chris Buechler nycbug
Wed Nov 9 00:33:06 EST 2005

csnyder wrote:

>Every time I try to use BitTorrent on Verizon DSL, ping times jump
>from ~300ms to ~3500ms. Like clockwork. Anybody else have this
>problem? A known issue? I don't remember anything in the TOS about not
>using BT...

This can typically be attributed to either some device not handling the 
packets per second (pps) load inherent with BT very well (DSL modem or 
firewall), or maxing out your upload.  The ACK prioritization posted by 
someone else should help some, if it's related to maxing out your 
upload.  You'd be better off limiting the speed of upload in your BT 
client to about 75% or less of your upstream bandwidth though, as that's 
a much more reliable way to keep your connection in check. 

If it's still an issue after limiting your client's upload speed, I'd 
look at any firewalls and/or routers, your BT client, and the DSL 
modem.  The cheap home NAT boxes like Linksys, et. al. tend to not 
handle BT very well, or anything that uses that many connections.  Some 
BT clients set their default connection limits ridiculously high; 
depending on the client, you may be able to lower those with a positive 
performance impact overall.  And I've heard of situations where the DSL 
modem being used just sucked under high pps load, and getting a 
different modem solved the problem. 


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