IPv6 Migrations (was) Re: [nycbug-talk] Re: some comments on Shmoo. . .

George R. george
Wed Jan 18 23:12:00 EST 2006

QuiGon wrote:
>> On Mon, 16 Jan 2006, George R. wrote:
>> Once again, ShmooCon in DC was an excellent conference.
> 	I agree whole heartedly.  I appreciate the time George, Ike and Mark
> took to chat with myself and some friends who came up from Jacksonville,

I think you and your buddy Mark were wildly more interesting than me, 
Ike and (our) Marc.  Maybe just to us since we see each other all the 
time. <g>

> FL for the conference.  I will say I've used archives of your list quite
> a bit in troubleshooting issues I've had with *BSD.  I look forward to

That's the highest form of flattery this list could have.  This isn't 
the west coast, japan or europe where the BSDs have a higher profile... 
We're in a boring stuffy city of finance firms. ;-)

> attending (or speaking, as George has insisted, on IPv6) one of the NYC

well, why don't you tell them why.  I don't just invite people since 
they're from Florida or something ;-'

> BUG meetings in the near future.  It's communities like this and
> conferences like ShmooCon that keep my faith in humanity alive.  Thanks
> for your help, and keep up the good work.
> --QuiGon (new member/poster)

Welcome aboard. . . looking forward to you raising a discussion on IPv6 
migration in the US. ..  I know there are many others to chime in on 
this, including Alex at Pilosoft, the NYI guys, Spork from BWay, and 
that's just some those with ISPs/hosting firms. . .

You raised interesting stuff on IPv6 migration.  We all know that the US 
drags its feet on it since the US has control of most of the public 
network addresses.  And Japan is full steam ahead with implementation by 
2008 (?) and so is China.

What are the concrete steps others are taking in this direction.  NAT 
and dominance of IPv4 only takes US isv's so far. . .


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