[nycbug-talk] Sourceforge review of FBSD 6.0

George R. george
Thu Jan 19 12:23:31 EST 2006


The most useful point is in the comments, where a couple of people raise 
the issue that this and other OS reviews are 'how does it feel' as 
opposed to looking at the changelog.

I think there's more to FBSD wireless support than wi. . . I had that 
back on 4.x a good number of years ago.  Yet it's referenced as a point. 
  But now we're enjoying WPA (in so far as it can be enjoyed), and it's 
not even mentioned.

But that's typical of software reviews on OSNews, Sourceforge, etc.  It 
would really be more interesting if people talked about the technology, 
rather than projecting their last therapy session.

However, at least the article was sympathetic. . .


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