[nycbug-talk] Laptop recommendations

Francisco Reyes lists
Sat Jan 21 01:29:37 EST 2006

Aleksandar Kacanski writes:

> If anyone has suggestion on the laptop model that will
> play nice w FreeBSD and be under $1300. please pass a
> comment.

I have some issues with X, but for the most part FreeBSD works on a Compaq 
Presario V2000.. Will end up costing 800 after rebate.

Only 3 complaints:
-Only got it working under 800x600 so far.. but I believe drivers for the 
card are upcoming.

-The machine gets pretty warm.

-Resting writs on the area around the mouse pad area causes cursor to move 
around.. which I think it's pretty annoying at times. specially in the 

Performance wise the machine seems very adequate. I installed the AMD64 
version of FreeBSD.. although it's power conversation features are not as 
mature as the i386 version.

Overall for the price I think it is a pretty decent machine.

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