[nycbug-talk] zenoss monitoring soft

David Lawson dave at donnerjack.com
Mon Oct 2 17:04:03 EDT 2006

We've tested ZenOSS for a while, hoping to be able to replace Nagios  
with something that's prettier, a bit more featureful, and written in  
Python (I think ZenOSS is a Zope app, but I don't remember offhand),  
but, unfortunately, the conclusion we came to was that it's far too  
immature to consider in any kind of real production role.  Last time  
I looked, a few months ago, the installation process involved a CVS  
checkout and took me most of an afternoon to beat all the pieces into  
building, and most of the traffic on the list is installation/setup  
problems, probably because very few people are using it heavily  
enough to be uncovering other issues.  I think it's a really cool  
project, but I've got it on my "Check back in a year" list at the  

On Oct 2, 2006, at 4:53 PM, max wrote:

> Hello,
> Just saw this on osnews: www.zenoss.com - enterprise level open  
> source network/host/equipment monitoring software.
> Looks really cool.. Prettier than nagios anyway : )
> Anyone ever used this?
> Funny part, theres a jobs section on their site, and they seem like  
> they are prepared to pay alot of money to coders.. Not sure how I  
> feel about that, they are saying up to 100k/yr for 3 different  
> positions.. Almost sounds like the ultimate wet dream - making  
> serious bucks off open source software : P
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