[nycbug-talk] Student Discounts

Tim Allender techneck at goldenpath.org
Mon Oct 9 21:58:16 EDT 2006

I've read all your replies very carefully. I won't bother to nit-pick.
For some questions that were raised, re-read my post.
For you uppity chaps, relax: you're taking yourselves way too seriously.

Guess I just rub some folks the wrong way. That's O.K. You'll get over it.
But, does this mean I'm kicked out of NYCBUG?
I hope you don't think that public berating will keep me from speaking 
my mind where I feel it needs to be spoken.

Before you go breaking out the noose, though, did I forget to say thanks 
for making it happen?
( Screw the students! Everyone else does: 
http://newyork.craigslist.org/search/ers?query=student )

Better yet, save $200, go screw yourself, and I'll see you at the con, 
lol. =D

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