[nycbug-talk] MySQL and FreeBSD 6.0

Chris Buechler nycbug at chrisbuechler.com
Tue Oct 17 16:04:46 EDT 2006

Hans Zaunere wrote:
> I'm seeing MySQL randomly crash - especially as concurrent connections
> increases.  Anyone with other experiences with FreeBSD 6.0 and MySQL, either
> good or bad?

Not much different from 4.x and 5.x, in my experience.  Of about 8 jails 
I run with MySQL, I see roughly 3-4 crashes a year.  The frequency 
hasn't changed from 4.x to 5.x to 6.x, for me.  Doesn't seem to be load 
related at all (one of those hosts pfsense, which hit the front page of 
Slashdot, OSNews, and Digg all on the same day, along with a lot of 
other press over the weekend with the 1.0 release, and stood up to the 
subsequent heavy beating with no problems).

 From what I've seen, it's very random, and it happens so infrequently 
that I haven't bothered to look into it.  I've never seen frequent MySQL 
crashes on FreeBSD.  You sure your hardware (RAM, et. al.) are OK? 


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