[nycbug-talk] help carrying at conference

Miles Nordin carton at Ivy.NET
Thu Oct 26 15:36:06 EDT 2006

I plan to be at the NetBSD table for most of the conference with the
following hardware:

 * original iMac (CRT)

 * Sega Dreamcast

 * CRT VGA monitor for the Dreamcast

 * desktop for NFS server

 * old managed 100Mbit/s hub

 * keyboards/mice/cables x 3

There will maybe be other NetBSD people with other hardware.  

Anyway, what I'm bringing is too much for one person to carry.  I will
unload it from a cab.  Next, I need to get it from the curb at 116th
and Broadway to Davis Auditorium.

george at sddi.net said there should be a dolly or cart around so we
don't have to actually carry the stuff, but I wonder if someone is
willing to hunt for the cart and bring it out to me waiting on the
curb?  If I could call a phone number after getting out of the cab,
then wait on the sidewalk for a cart and help, that seems like it
would be simplest.  any takers?

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