[nycbug-talk] afterparty

Miles Nordin carton at Ivy.NET
Sat Oct 28 22:09:14 EDT 2006

>>>>> "a" == alex  <alex at pilosoft.com> writes:

     a> So where is the afterparty at?


if you seriously want to have one, you're welcome to come to my house.
It is 114 Forrest St in Brooklyn (Morgan Ave on L train).  We have
room for a pretty big party, and I don't mind cleaning up after it.

However you may have to bring your own beer and MP3's because our two
household party experts are in Philadelphia for the weekend, and I'll
be hauling back some of that NetBSD equipment so I don't know if I'd
have time to get any booze before people would want to start showing
up.  Since it's Sunday I'm guessing people would prefer an early
party.  There is some cheap vodka and OJ here already, which may be
enough if you like to drink things like that.

Also, it's not exactly a classy place.  It is possible to order pizza
and chinese here...not with same selection/quality/reliability as most
of NYC, but it works.  We do have good, working Internet though (from
Alex :)).

anyway, I don't need much notice, so if you guys want to use this
place, just warn me tomorrow.
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