[nycbug-talk] Potentially interesting DOJ job for anyone who's interested...

George R. george at sddi.net
Mon Oct 30 11:33:02 EST 2006

Wes Sonnenreich wrote:
> Just got off the phone with a business associate who's looking to
> fill a job at the Dept. of Justice. It's a senior network security
> job that sounds pretty flexible (once things are set up they're cool
> with telecommuting, etc.). They're having a hard time finding people
> to fill it -- my guess is that plenty of people on this list might be
> qualified. If anyone is interested, follow the link.
> http://seeker.dice.com/jobsearch/servlet/JobSearch?op=101&dockey=xml/2/9/29f95394a21dc38437c87dc501e281f2@endecaindex&source=3
> Wes

Sounds like great material for our jobs list Wes. . .


Are you sure it's the DoJ. . . I mean, it looks like the head of Cyber
Security at DHS has the turnover rate of a live target for missle
testing. . .



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