[nycbug-talk] greylisting proxies?

George Georgalis george at galis.org
Tue Oct 31 20:48:46 EST 2006

On Tue, Oct 31, 2006 at 03:11:47PM -0500, csnyder wrote:
>On 10/1/06, Okan Demirmen <okan at demirmen.com> wrote:
>> > Any ideas or opinions on all this?
>> you can run spamd(8) in front of any mta; either on the same box or in
>> front.
>And if you're at all interested in this, take a look at the slides
>from Bob Beck's presentation on Sunday...

cool, new slides. :)

does anyone using spamd (or greylist frontend) have trouble
delivering to verizon.net?

450 Requested mail action not taken-Try later:sv14pub.verizon.net

what's your solution? or do they do that (perpetually) for anyone
not using a major ISP MX?

// George

George Georgalis, systems architect, administrator <IXOYE><

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