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Wed Apr 4 17:35:14 EDT 2007

On Wed, 4 Apr 2007 16:58:25 -0400
"Sachin Thareja" <thareja.lists at gmail.com> wrote:

> > Just out of curiosity, why would some department even need special
> > URL rewrite rules?  Does the webapp demand their use?
> If they want to do this:
> http://company.com/aweseome-product
> -> Actually rewrites to:
> http://company.com/some/deep/link/possibly/even/to/not/such/an/awesome/product.htm
> and the department creates/does away with their products at a rate of
> >once a week, enough for the local sysadmin to look for alternatives
> to this weekly cycle of pestering... But that's just my point of
> view... ;-)
> -Sachin

Wow, it seems like continuously editting the web server config (and
restarting/reloading the config) each time somebody builds a new web
page.. and wants a purdy URL; is a senseless waste of time for the
sysadmin.  On top of others saying that a poorly written (or
poorly tested) config can reak havoc; it is probably a maintenance
nightmare.  The web application should handle that.

I'll echo a prior post.. "you may have to re-think your process".  



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