[nycbug-talk] Carrier Neutral Colocation Facilities, and Fiber Contractors.

Charles Sprickman spork at bway.net
Sat Apr 14 00:03:04 EDT 2007

On Fri, 13 Apr 2007, alex at pilosoft.com wrote:

> * 111 8th: Probably the most important carrier hotel, all major players
> have their own suites in the building. Unfortunately, getting between the
> suites in there is complicated. You want to be in NYCC, the
> building-sanctioned meet-me-room (which was recently sold to TelX), where
> almost everyone is.

Not only complicated to get stuff (I gave up trying to get something from 
Level3 to Broadwing - they are across the hall from each other), but also 
expensive.  Maybe TelX will be cheaper than the building-management-run 
facility was.

I think part of Alex's point is that you can pick a decent carrier and 
deal with them.  The carrier neutral stuff will not be financially very 
smart if you're just going to hook up to one or two other people.

It seems some of these places also get full at some point, and there's no 
bargains at that point.

> * 25 Broadway: Only one facility, Telehouse, which is carrier-neutral.
> There are good and bad sides about telehouse...And its beyond scope of
> this discussion. You probably don't want to be here.

If you understand the value of the facility, and you're not putting all 
your eggs in one basket, it can't have gotten that much worse than it was. 
I have to imagine that by now they got that whole electricity thing 
figured out (or not...).

When I used to be there they had something I've not seen since:  one-time 
cross connect fees.  You pay $800 or so for a cat5 run to a neighboring 
cabinet or $2k for fiber to someone *once* and that's it.

Over in Level3 we're paying $250/month on each DS3 to a cabinet that's 
less than 50' away from our cabinet.  Quite a racket, but I guess that's 
how most places do it.

Like Alex said, why build a datacenter when you can rent?

If you want bandwidth for the office, you can certainly get something 
affordable out of your rented datacenter space to your office.  I've been 
really happy with ConEd (now RCN) and their metro ethernet service.  We 
get 10Mb from 111 8th to our soho office for $400 (plus $200 or so in 
cross-connect fees to Level3).  We can bump that to 100Mb for another 
$600.  Much more reliable than any telco-provided circuit I've seen. 
Pricing may not be as good after RCN bought them, but that's just an 
example of another option...


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