[nycbug-talk] fetchmail pointers

Okan Demirmen okan at demirmen.com
Mon Apr 23 17:20:14 EDT 2007

On Fri 2007.04.20 at 10:55 -0700, Peter Wright wrote:
> hi all, i've finally lost it and can no longer use my companies exchange
> solution for work related email.  i'm thinking of setting up a solution
> using fetchmail.  ideally i'd like to spool the mail in a courier-imapd
> store, not local pop.  i believe this is possible.
> does anyone have any pointers for this task?  it looks like the fetchmail
> site at berlios.de is down (you don't have permission to read index.html -
> how rude)...i've installed fetchmail on my mac and am reading the man page
> now.

you've gotten lots of replies, but here's a few:
	isync (c)
	mailsync (c)
	offlineimap (python)
	imapsync (perl)

i've never used any of them, so ymmv...

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