[nycbug-talk] DNS naming scheme mind-blocker :)

Matt Juszczak matt at atopia.net
Fri Aug 5 19:05:34 EDT 2011

Hi folks,

I've come up with a great DNS naming scheme that I'm going to be using for 
my customers.

Let's say a customer's company is "abc corp".  I name the hosts:

<server name>.<data center>.abc-networks.net

With an internal DNS record (powered by pdns/ldap backend) of:

<server name>.<data center>.abc-networks.internal

App connections use abc-app.com, such as:

db.appname.abc-app.com / db.appname.abc-app.internal

So in theory, I can launch a server called "bob" in the "bwi01" data 
center, have it be a master database server for the "primary" database.

db.primary.abc-app.com ->
    db1.primary.abc-app.com ->

This way, I keep the network and app "dns" separate, and things stay 
clean, and I can easily re-point things.

But I'm stuck.  Puppet is technically a piece of software, but it only 
powers the server configuration, nothing else (and isn't part of any 
specific app).  Even more so, I setup a puppet pool per data center.

So in that case, would I make an exception and do:

puppet.bwi01.abc-networks.net (pointing to the pool of puppet servers 
listening on port 8130)

or would I do:


to indicate the "app" called puppet and the "bwi01" server.

Any input? :) This is going to be spread out across multiple clients, and 
hard to change later, so I wanted to throw my thoughts out there.


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