[talk] installfest, tonight

Jun Ebihara jun at soum.co.jp
Wed Aug 3 23:03:08 EDT 2016

From: George Rosamond <george at ceetonetechnology.com>
Subject: [talk] installfest, tonight
Date: Wed, 3 Aug 2016 13:04:34 -0400

> I did not have a chance to do the NetBSD install on the Thinkpad z50
> Workpads, but I'll bring one along tonight anyway.

I've put NetBSD-hpcmips image for 2GB CF card:


1. for writing CF device on /dev/rsd0d,(sd? should be changed) 

gunzip < /2016-08-04-netbsd-hpcmips.img.gz |dd of=/dev/rsd0d bs=4m

2. plug in Z50 and start WindowsCE as usual. 

3. you will see inside "memory card" folder. hpcboot.exe,and click

4. select machine type and filesystem device.
  machine : IBM Z50
  device : wd0

5. and boot.

tested on my sigmarion2:

Jun Ebihara

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