[talk] Hosting Recommendations - email/web

Sujit K M kmsujit at gmail.com
Sun May 13 03:55:14 EDT 2018

> - Dedicated WordPress hosting gets expensive since most billing plans seem to use the number of sites rather than transfer/traffic as the main metric

Could you please elaborate on this. If found only at most costly
prices for example WordPress/Year, But they don't mention either
number of sites or transfer
or traffic. Below  a cheap one I found billed Yearly.


> Where I’m currently at with this is that I’m leaning strongly towards an unmanaged VPS for the web portion.  I enjoy maintaining that sort of thing and I think I get a bit more control over the performance of the sites this way.  If I were to go with managed hosting, the only suggestion that really looks affordable would be SiteGround.  I’m so far happy with other things hosted on Vultr VPSs, so that or Digital Ocean are two known quantities.  Some hosting operations also throw in the “unlimited” email plans with their own VPS/“Cloud” options.  I was looking at Dreamhost and that’s an option, but the email service is an unknown as far as reliability is concerned.

I have tried this path and found horrendous. Only you would get a
single server/2GB RAM or Space not more than 6GB.

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