[talk] So Netgate bails on FreeBSD

Pete Wright pete at nomadlogic.org
Wed May 23 16:09:35 EDT 2018

On 05/23/2018 13:04, Mark Saad wrote:
> Charles
>  I like opnsense, I moved my office off pfsense to opnsense about 24 
> months ago and it’s been good .
> They do not have a complete rest api yet but it’s been easier t deal 
> with opnsense for various uses.
> Also as someone who uses both FreeBSD and pfsense in a large 
> corporation,  the irrational belief that Linux is better at something 
> ; just because it’s Linux , is rampant .
>  As to Jim’s site where they say tnsr will do 10g and beyond. I am 
> already doing it and it didn’t require a strange setup to get there . 
> But hey bullshit sells .

man this is rough - i know jim can be crusty at times, but i've been 
happy with pfsense for ages despite some design choices i wouldn't have 

i'm confused as to if/why centos-7 is only supported platform. centos is 
not something i'd ever want to run as a router or firewall - even if i 
had to run linux a rhel variant would be beyond my last choice.

my bet is that this setup requires some sketchy binary blobs from a 
hardware vendor which only supports centos...which makes it even worse 
in my eyes :(


Pete Wright
pete at nomadlogic.org

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