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Wed Oct 3 10:03:28 EDT 2012

*  Tonight's Meeting
*  MeetBSD November 3 & 4 in Sunnyvale, California
*  Holiday Meeting: Be a Grinch

October 3, 2012 @ 18:45 - Location: Suspenders

How SMPng Works and Why It Doesn't Work The Way You Think, John Baldwin

Modern x86 CPUs have hit a wall in frequency scaling and are now 
expanding sideways by adding more cores. Adding more cores does not 
magically multiply performance, however. John talks about some of the 
reasons that it doesn't.

In 2000, FreeBSD launched a project to multithread its kernel to more 
fully take advantage of modern SMP machines. This talk will give an 
overview of that project's history and continuing work on improving 

About the speaker:
John first started using FreeBSD in 1996 and has been an active kernel 
developer since 2000. He has worked for various companies that use 
FreeBSD including The Weather Channel and Yahoo!. John lives in New 
Jersey with his wife and three kids.


MeetBSD will be held November 3rd and 4th in Sunnyvale, California.  We 
are alternating NYCBSDCon with MeetBSD, and the even year is theirs.  So 
we strongly encourage you to attend and take part in the array of 
conference activities: from break-out sessions to lightning talks.



This year's holiday meeting will be December 5th, and will provide an 
opportunity to be a Grinch.  Reserve your 10 minute slot to grip and be 
grumpy.  What do you hate?  There's plenty of headaches we all face 
day-to-day which others can relate to.  Standards or lack thereof? 
Specific applications or services that have wide usage?

Start thinking about your grip, and keep an ear out for when we open 
submissions for the party.

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