[Semibug] Food thoughts

Mike Wayne semibug15 at wayne47.com
Fri Nov 3 22:58:00 EDT 2017

Josh mentioned Las Tortugas, which we tried. We were quite disappointed,
they messed up our order and mischarged us. Likely will not go back.

But, I've been starting to cook more Mexican food and needed a
better source of peppers so we looked around and found Carnival
Market on Walton in Pontiac. MUCH better food and it's a whole
grocery store. They have an entire aisle for peppers!

Mediocre guac & chips but great tacos, above average mole (I really
need a good mole recipe) and the "heat" taco was really hot.  I'd
skip the combos and just order an extra taco.

I plan to return to pick up some bulk peppers.

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